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The journey home September 8, 2017

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It is part of our human experience to lose our center; sometimes just a small step out of line & other times long, slow fades away from our truth.

From a place of curiosity, scan just today.  Can you see moments of light, dark, loss of presence, grasping, illusion?

Now breathe.  Breathe out your judgement of it, breathe out calling it good or bad, and breathe out your mind’s desire to want this to reinforce your story.

Now connect.  Follow your breath up and down the center of your body.  Follow your breath to the nucleus of your heart.  Give yourself permission to feel exactly as you feel and forgive yourself for the habit of self-judgement.  Be strong enough to treat yourself gently & with kindness.

Now decide.  In this moment, who am I?  For me?  For others?  For the world?

And be that, be you fully, just be.  It is from this space that we create positive change and live a life in love and light.

The beautiful thing about being human is we can gently take hold of opportunity even if we squandered it in the last moment.  We can teach ourselves to reside in a place of joy and participate fully in a world that is sometimes dark, sometimes overwhelming, and sometimes not what we visioned.

Each of us possess passions, places we are called to make a difference, take a stand, and set an example.  Imagine if we all took a breath, honored our truth, believed in ourselves, and then got busy manifesting our passion.   Choose Well!



What is the sweet spot? June 26, 2017

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middle path

One of the basic tenets of Buddhism is the idea of walking the middle path in our life. Life is not entirely this or that, all action and no rest, total elation without sadness.  Wholehearted living calls us to find the sweet spot of harmony; the ebb and flow of the middle path.

The same is true as we think about allowing our life to unfold and take shape.  A life without   intention dilutes our impact; our days a whim or hope.  A life without dreaming and space is an over-engineered structure too heavy and complex for freedom and flexibility to survive.

Can we find the sweet spot; both allowing and willing, creating and surrendering, leading and following, architecting & dreaming?

When you find your mind planning, strategizing, and structuring the future, remind yourself to embrace flow and grace & to be totally present in this moment.  That’s where the magic lives, yes?  It is right now that we create, cultivate, and celebrate.   In this moment, take a deep breath and let that breath go.  As we slow our breath, we slow our experience of time.

Take a moment and consider where you are living at the outer edge of your continuum; creating an imbalance.  Shift towards the middle path, & sink into the sweet spot of both creating and being created.


6.93 Billion People World Wide & Not One Single Duplicate June 22, 2011

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Does this absolutely blow you away?  You are the only person on the globe with your exact gifts, skills, & chemistry.  No duplicates.  Which, to me, brings big responsibility to give, work, and live in a way that shares your gifts.  Preferably in a way that brings value and goodness to the world.  Because if you don’t, no one else can.  At least not in the way you can.  Because there is no duplicate of you.

I love this poem by Leza Lowitz called “Waiting.”  I hope you enjoy it.  It’s an amazing open door for anyone embraces its wisdom.  Here it goes….

“You keep waiting for something to happen, the thing that lifts you out of yourself, catapults you into doing all the things you’ve put off – the great things you’re meant to do in your life, but somehow never quite get to. 

You keep waiting for the planets to shift – the new moon to bring news, the universe to align, something to give. Meanwhile, the piles of papers, the laundry, the dishes, the job— it all stacks up while you keep hoping for some miracle to blast down upon you, scattering the piles to the winds.

Sometimes you lie in bed, terrified of your life. Sometimes you laugh at the privilege of waking. But all the while, life goes on it its messy way. And then you turn forty. Or fifty. Or sixty… and some part of you realizes you are not alone and you find signs of this in the animal kingdom –

when a snake sheds its skin its eyes glaze over, it slinks under a rock, not wanting to be touched, and when caterpillar turns to butterfly if the pupa is brushed, it will die— and when the bird taps its beak hungrily against the egg It’s because the thing is too small, too small, and it needs to break out.

And midlife walks you into that wisdom that this is what transformation looks like— the mess of it, the tapping at the walls of your life, the yearning and writhing and pushing, until one day, one day you emerge from the wreck embracing both the immense dawn and the dusk of the body, glistening, beautiful just as you are.”


Possibility – Do you Dwell In Yours? May 18, 2011

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Emily Dickenson said, “Dwell in Possibility.”  Just reading it creates expansion & oxygen.  Space for birth, growth, & newness.  The word possibility is powerful.  Within it, lives hope, courage, action, change, intention, mystery, excitement, creation, and dreaming. 

Each of us are, at our core, a possibility.  In other words, our souls are pure possibility by design.  We are called to bring something unique to the world.  And this unique offering is something that only we can bring because we are our very own blueprint.  No two the same.  Different by design. 

And yet, we have a choice each day to live life in alignment or out of alignment with our possibility.  It is as simple as that, and there isn’t a single external condition that makes it more complex.  That is simply how we choose to think about it.  In fact, external conditions become the great excuse as to why we are out of alignment & living smaller than our true possibility.  They are justifications & rationalizations that allow us to gently sleep through life.  

We have the opportunity to drench every moment – starting with this exact moment – in the possibility of ourselves, which is the  cornerstone of the possibility of our life.  They are one  in the   same.  Our gifts are only valuable to the  extent that we  share them.   

It isn’t necessarily about the grandeur of our achievements in this life as it is about the impact we made.  Did we make a difference or did we simply collect accolades & “stuff?”   

Throughout our lives, we often find ourselves at a cross-road; bumping against blocks we create & self impose. In the short-term, these blocks are fantastic motivators of change because they involve discomfort.  But over time, we grow numb to them & they literally extinguish possibility.  They create impossibility, & we unwittingly opt out of greatness.  Not making a decision is making a decision.  We make a choice every moment:  opting INTO something and OUT of something else.   Vow to choose possibility.