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You look like you’re here, but are you? March 13, 2018

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Recently, a fabulous yoga instructor at Pure Yoga in Asheville encouraged us to feel what we are feeling & notice the emotion. Sometimes our emotions have been dragged from the past & sometimes lassoed from the future. The question is; Are we experiencing fully & thus feeling deeply the present moment?

That morning as she guided us to witness, I found I had lugged frustration to my mat from the past. Through this inquiry, I was able to realize that there was absolutely nothing frustrating about the present moment which consisted of sitting quietly with my breath listening to the wisdom of a teacher I respect.

In the present moment of that class, all was well. I believe if we truly took stock of our emotions, we might find this to be true more often than not. That, in the present moment, all is well & the discomfort we are experiencing is either dated or foreshadowed. And sometimes, the discomfort is truly related to the present moment. Part of living well is giving ourselves permission to feel our lives deeply and honestly.

And… Can we discern between the NOW and what was or what’s coming so that we stay awake to what is?


be all there


The Pinnacle of Practice. October 22, 2017

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What if everything we do is a practice?  A practice of connection, alignment, and balancing effort with ease?  What if what we achieve is secondary to what we practice?

I know… My hair goes up on my neck just a bit with that thought.  Perhaps we can just consider.  On the yoga mat (which for me is my little self experimenting petri-dish of observation and reflection),  we strive to twist, bend, hold all the while breathing with ease.  (Sometimes a hilarious endeavor).  And secretly, because we are all human, we get this little burst of inner sparkle when we nail that elusive pose or touch our forehead to our knees.

Yes, we know this means nothing about anything, but still, achievement is instant gratification.  And thus, even though we may not utter the words aloud (because we are much more evolved than that), we sometimes see the pinnacle of our practice as achievement.  In fact, teachers even fuel this by referring to “the peak pose.”  So, we strive to balance on a single finger or smugly look at the Hanover Pretzel Knot and think, “You ain’t got nothin’ on me.”   Like bendiness that would turn Gumby greener with Envy  will profoundly alter our impact in the world and the intimacy of our connections.  Like maintaining pranayama for 60 minutes will cause unicorns  to burst out of our chakras and radiate our auric field into a prism of color.

Sounds hilarious, I know.  And take a moment and consider how this plays out in life off the mat.  How has continuous striving impacted you?

And so every yoga class asks us to “end” with savasana.  Deep rest to balance to the exertion, yes.  But for me, to remind us that it is in the letting go that we come home.  There is no alignment of muscles, bones, and joints.  We simply let go of it all.

We allow the nothingness of the pose to peel away the expectations that we have of ourselves, the roles we play, and the desire to strive.  Until what remains is just essence.  The essence of who we are at our core; our divine spark that exists with and without achievement.  Always enough.

So whether you spend time on a yoga mat or not, practice savasana.  Alive, Awake, Present.  Untethering, Surrendering, and Opening.  Deep & Divine.



The Duck and her iPhone Quagmire August 2, 2017

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This morning, my walk took me along a lake that appeared to be an endless landscape as the fog was obscuring the shore.  The geese and ducks floated while a resident loon soared across the horizon.

I considered a photograph, and it occurred to me that you cannot capture the mystical.  It extends beyond sight; reaching into the sound of silence, the smell of earth, and the touch of dew heavy air.  And it is changing; ever so subtly, but always changing.  It refuses to be contained to a single sensory dimension or moment in time.

The mystical lives in the present moment fully.  It is part physical, part energetic, and entirely magical.  The desire to contain it is a human one.  The duck is not thinking; “I wish the iPhone camera was more sophisticated.”  The duck is just being the duck in the midst of the mystical moment.  I wonder if we humans perplex the duck or if she watches us encountering the mystical & quietly whispers to us….

Just Be.


Stay in the Moment August 26, 2010

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There’s a great blog from Success Magazine’s Flip Flippen called The Gift of Presence. http://blog.success.com/channels/relationships-channels/flip-flippen-the-gift-of-presence/

NOW – this exact moment – is the only one we truly have. It is also the one that matters when considering the quality with which we are living our life as it is both within our control and reach. Thus, it is our best opportunity to create the results we want in our life.

Observe yourself for a day. How many times do you find yourself multi-tasking, distracted in a meeting, checking email while on a conference call? Through observation of myself and others, I have learned the brain is incapable of performing at a high level, innovatively solving problems, and deeply engaging with others when it’s attention is split. Thus, it stands to reason that results generated when attention is split are less than the best.

This likely isn’t a newsflash to anyone. But then, why do most people struggle to stay present in the moment, giving undivided attention and effort to what or who is at hand? What would occur if we practiced presence for just one week? This very well may be the best “performance enhancing tool” we could try.