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After the final NO comes a YES April 17, 2018

So many of us talk in the language of constraint; feeling confined to the outcomes of decisions made in a more guarded heart, fearful mind, and less awake spirit.  We arrive at 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years old, and we contemplate, “what’s possible given my reality?”  And then we stall because this question is like dragging all of our baggage, story, and past decisions into a field, stacking them upon one another, and then trying to see the meadow of possibility on the other side.

Our reality is a compilation of who we were in our yesterdays.  And yes – bricks and mortar, commitments, pets, and debt are real parts of this moment and cannot be simply dissolved to create space for path forward.  But could we ask this question:  What’s possible given my passion and capability?  If this answer differs from the above, please discontinue beating yourself up for stalling and instead compassionately soften to yourself and say; “I see you and I am with you as we align with what’s coming versus what has been.”

While grateful for the beauty of our lives, we might find ourselves in a chapter where what we’ve created feels like a shoe too small or a sweater too itchy.  Within us is the calling of our spirit; it is our life’s longing, a desire to impact our world.

We cannot change that clarity around or magnetic drawing to happened AFTER we made all these sticky, hard to untangle life choices, and thus, there is no reason to berate.  We are where we are now.

Be still and sit in inquiry:  What is the calling of my spirit?   Whatever it is, clear or not, trust it.  It is a seed in some stage of germination that wants our attention, nurturing hand, and invitation to emerge.

This “calling” is your truth.  Resist the urge to judge it against someone else’ or think it should be grander than it appears.  It may be a world stage or the privacy of your kitchen.  Allow it to emerge:  Listen deeply to it.

What is your impact?  What is your great work?

Build, sew, write, create, lead, cook, calculate, speak, invent, protect, teach, heal, fix, gather. Whatever it is, embrace it fully as this is how we embrace ourselves fully.  The glory isn’t in the outcome of what you do, it is in doing what brings you alive.

“And after the final no comes a lasting yes.”  


Life is like poker February 6, 2018


Someone once described life to me as a card game.  There are seasons to simply pass by the game, seasons to find your fellow players & choose the game, to pick up the card deck and shuffle, to deal, and to play.  Truthfully, this analogy annoyed me more than illuminating life’s cyclical nature; however, years later I can see this natural rhythm happening all around me.  In my life & in yours.

And while I’d love a more poetic metaphor, the card game is quite accurate.  The real learning is in our discernment on timing.  Are we tuned into our heart and inner wisdom deeply and clearly enough to recognize the season?  To notice when the season begins to shift?  Do we have the courage and grace to follow the shift?

If I take a moment in stillness and know what I know beyond my cognition, I can recognize the signs of the season.  I can spot the tiny changes that lead to the end of one and the entry of another.  Much like the buds on a tree signaling spring, I can sense within what is emerging.

The difference between natural transitions and human transitions is we can opt out.  The budding tree doesn’t halt spring’s arrival because you didn’t notice it, and the first cold wind doesn’t head back north taking winter with it just because you resisted its arrival.

A deck of cards; however, does not deal itself.  It does not send the invitation to the game.  It just waits until you engage.  And if our standard mode of operation is full steam ahead, we may not even notice its existence let alone its question.

The question it asks us is: Where am I called to be now?  What does fulfillment look like now?  What chapter of my life am I truly in and what is my impact throughout it?  And from that place of awareness,  courageous choice and graceful action.

Our world will tell you: play the game, play the game, play the game.  And as a lover of playing the game, I take the bait every time.  And, sometimes that’s aligned.  And sometimes not.  If our choice was cued from external guidance, misalignment is inevitable.

So turn within…  What season are you in?


Get off the “keep going” wagon June 20, 2017

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divine spark

When we lose our connection with what lights us up or we discover our actions misaligned with our intention, it’s time for a self-audit pause.    That sounds easy, but it is in these moments that our mind screams “Keep Going.”

Here’s a simple method to self-audit:

  • Get quiet: create time to sit with your breath; landing the inhale on your heart  and releasing thought with the exhale.
  • Connect: this can be prayer, loving kindness practice, or just heart-centered breathing.
  • Believe:  Your spirit is the house of your divine spark (aka: higher purpose), and your inner wisdom knows this spark intimately.  Beyond words, you hold the truth of your purpose.  Trust it.
  • Gut Check: Not sure?  Ask yourself this simple question:  “If my life aligned with my divine spark 80% of the time, I would lay my head down at night and say, ‘Yes!  This is inspired living for me.’”
  • Drop it: What is contrary in your life?  It takes a bit of courage to let the rest of it drop away, but it is so worth it.
  • Move with purpose: As you leave the space of audit and back into action of daily life, stay awake.  Make the shift.

Be committed to your own path.  We have only this one precious life.


Celebrate Not Knowing June 9, 2017

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The other day I was speaking with someone who expressed remorse they hadn’t discovered their purpose. They were unable to see anything unique about who they are and what they offer beyond the ordinary.

The human quandary, yes?  We all struggle with varying frequency of self-doubt.  In those moments, we can either dive headfirst into that vat of despair or consider truth:  that at the moment of our birth, we were placed on this planet for a divine reason.  A purpose that only we are wired to create.  Truly Extraordinary.

As it is my birthday today, I am reflecting on my endless gratitude for the opportunity of this lifetime.  While I may lack clarity on its total purpose, I can trust that it is blossoming before me.  All I have to do is notice.

Discovering and embracing our highest self & work is the journey of a lifetime.  And yet, our entire life is right now in this moment.  So for now, take a deep breath, honor the beauty of who you are, and celebrate that you are unlike any other human being ever created.   And be open to possibility.


Your Wild Safari June 28, 2011

“Seize the bull by the horns, grasp it tenaciously, never let it go.  Time has a habit of trampling over us, so softly we don’t notice but so powerfully, we  become crushed over the course of weeks & years.”  www.zenhabits.net

What do you tell yourself that holds you back?  What do you buy into that keeps your dreams at a distance?  The moment we accept that WE are the only thing standing between where we are & where we desire to be is the moment we begin to close the gap. 

And yet, for many of us, months fly off the calendar & years pass quietly but quickly with little or no progress.  We feed ourselves excuses that justify about why we aren’t living in alignment with our dreams…  not enough time, not enough money, too irresponsible, etc.  And with these explanations, we lull ourselves into a well-paved path of mediocrity & predictability.  And let’s face it, boredom. 

And yet, we all have the opportunity in the form of a single lifetime to make an impact that not one other person on the planet can make.  Zilch.  Just you.  And if it’s just you, there is no comfortably paved, illuminated path already in existence to follow as no one has walked before you. 

There are amazing examples of people who chose to live big and fulfill their dreams with passion but they paved their own path.  And if you follow theirs, you will spend a lifetime in pursuit of someone their dream.  Learn from them, but don’t forget the most important lesson they can teach:  Follow Your Own Path W/ Courage, a Sense Of Adventure, & A Willingness to Take Risks.

The Swahili word for “journey” is SAFARI.  People always talk about how life is a journey but I’d rather think about it as a safari.  We can choose to make our life an adventurous, out loud, wild ride. 

A journey is like a peaceful trip down a placid river on a guided boat.  It allows for dozing, waking and passively drinking in the scenery, having a nice picnic lunch, & then dozing again.  A safari calls us to ride the wild elephant with a bayonet in hand wacking at tree limbs to blaze a new path.  It does not allow for dozing & waking 10 years later wondering what in the heck happened.  It demands our total engagement, presence, heart, soul, & mind. 

Don’t get me wrong… an occassional afternoon rafting trip meandering down a rapid-less river is a lovely reprieve & beautiful way to recharge.  However, to then return to our wild & purposeful safari that we are leading with passion & anticipation is a life well lived. 

“Tell me, what is you plan to do with your one wild & precious life?”  Mary Oliver


What’s The View From Your Personal Everest? May 25, 2011

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The gap between where you are and where you dream of being may seem daunting, but remember, the gap is nothing more than your potential.  It is the distance between today and what you are destined to achieve, and closing the gap is 100% within your power if you are willing to invest the energy & discipline into redefining how you work, think, play, and act. 

People who achieve breakthrough results know a secret and they live it with total obsession.  They know they are the product of their thinking, beliefs, and energy.  They know great results don’t just happen but are seeded by revolutionary thoughts.  And, the “work” that leads to an outstanding life requires more than just doing the right things.  It requires unleashing our potential by removing limiting beliefs and thoughts, creating a killer plan, and showing up ready to play. 

Your Everest Is Within Your Reach The Moment You Decide To Embrace It.  You owe it to yourself to go after it with complete passion and fearlessness. Temporary shifts can happen in a snap.  Quantum shifts; however, require higher stakes, deeper work, more profound change. 

THe ELITE don’t wait for the right time or the right opportunity.  They create it.  They take action NOW.  They seize the moment and engage others to help them see beyond their own paradigm and hold them accountable.