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International Women’s Day March 21, 2018

Recently on International Women’s Day, I posted this entry on Facebook.  It was more of a musing than cared for writing, but a number of people reached out to me afterwards to share their “spark” and continue the conversation.  Thus, I’m sharing broadly as, while my words, this is a collective state of being ready for manifestation.  Go Forth And Start The Dialog!


Happy International Women’s Day!

Beautiful female friends… This year has cracked open a long closed door. We may stand in front of that door marveling, celebrating, and talking about the breakthrough. And we should!

And, we must – with the grace, compassion, and strength that is inherent in us – step through the door to participate in lasting change. I sense that the door will remain ajar for some time but not forever. It is a time for forward movement & action; not talk and imagining. May we be teachers of strength through compassion, leadership through courage, and sustainable progress through our voice.

The door has been cracked because of women’s courage. May we engage in a collective pivot because of ours.



women's day


You look like you’re here, but are you? March 13, 2018

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Recently, a fabulous yoga instructor at Pure Yoga in Asheville encouraged us to feel what we are feeling & notice the emotion. Sometimes our emotions have been dragged from the past & sometimes lassoed from the future. The question is; Are we experiencing fully & thus feeling deeply the present moment?

That morning as she guided us to witness, I found I had lugged frustration to my mat from the past. Through this inquiry, I was able to realize that there was absolutely nothing frustrating about the present moment which consisted of sitting quietly with my breath listening to the wisdom of a teacher I respect.

In the present moment of that class, all was well. I believe if we truly took stock of our emotions, we might find this to be true more often than not. That, in the present moment, all is well & the discomfort we are experiencing is either dated or foreshadowed. And sometimes, the discomfort is truly related to the present moment. Part of living well is giving ourselves permission to feel our lives deeply and honestly.

And… Can we discern between the NOW and what was or what’s coming so that we stay awake to what is?


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