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Where do you dwell? December 14, 2017

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One of my favorite quotes by Emily Dickinson is “Dwell in Possibility”.  We typically see this as a stand alone quote, but it is actually the first sentence of a poem that ends with:

“I extend the narrow width of my hand and I discover paradise.”

Dwell in possibility. Extend the narrow width of your hand and discover paradise. To me, this is a reminder that paradise lives within us.  Not within the confines of what we can see, touch and smell but beyond the edge of the tangible.   We extend our hand to serve, to love, to connect.  We extend our hand to help, to soothe, and to simply be with.

As we consider the paradise of our life, can we see it from the lens of the narrow width of our hand?  Not in possession or achievement but in touch and service.  The sweetness of life requiring nothing more than reaching out.



Off Center December 11, 2017

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Last night at our family meeting, I shared that my goal was to remain centered this week in the midst of busyness.  I have a habit of looking at the fire vigorously blazing and throwing one or two irons in for fun creating a weekly calendar that could win the talent show for best costume; a KAPOW cartoon shaped bomb.

This week is no exception.  As I reviewed my calendar & prepared my work plan this weekend, I have an internal eye rolling exchange with my higher self as we chide my ego for feeding the monster that is over commitment.

I come back to my center through movement and breath.  These are particularly fabulous tools when your life’s logistics embody flow from the start, but as this is rarely the place from which I start, I find myself returning to versus residing in centered existence more often than not.

This whole overscheduling is a topic for another day, as today I am curious about the law of murphy.

When I commit to something, I’m in 100%.  So, I am ALL IN with this goal of remaining centered.  And then I woke up this morning.

  • Dogs barking to go outside before my alarm goes off.
  • Slipped on ice taking the dogs out
  • Driving my husband’s car which, I discover at 6AM, has no gas.
  • First gas station’s pumps “are down.”  Head to second station in 22 degree weather.
  • Door to my office is jammed.

All before 6:30AM.

I was doing fairly well until I discovered the jammed door.  I am standing outside holding my backpack, my food for the day, my bag with a change of clothes, and my purse.  I look hilarious but be assured, I don’t feel hilarious.  And I feel spontaneous reaction bubbling from the bowels of my inner Oscar the Grouch Trashcan.

And so what do we do?  Fortunately for me, I attended a Laughter Yoga workshop yesterday and decided to groove new neurological pathways by forcing belly laughter out until I authentically cracked myself up and laughed for real.  Let us remember that it is early and no one is around.  I am standing alone at the entry to an office building holding 4 bags laughing like a lunatic.  Thank God for light security.

And then I used the power of choice.  For we cannot always control our reaction but we can choose what follows.  I choose to breathe deeply, give myself a shake and a pep talk, and then walk around the building to the back door.  Easy Peasy.  No temper tantrum needed.

Centering is both simple and difficult.  Consider; however, the quality of experience you have when you are centered versus not.  For me, it’s worth the effort and it is worth disappointing my ego and her need to freak out from time to time.

Choose Well!