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Pure Pleasure May 28, 2017

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Today I walked my childhood neighborhood.  I allowed my legs to stretch to the streets that were most familiar to me; remembering my secret hiding spots, the corner I crashed my bike, and the field of many kickball games.  My warmest memories were the treasured spots of playing freely without rules, structure, or consideration of time.  I smiled as I honored those places where I twirled cartwheels, flew from swings, and roller skated at top speed hanging onto the backs of bikes.

I am not one to dwell in the past, but there are lessons snuggled in history; reminders of the captivation of play, the magic of unstructured summer days, the connection of deep friendships cultivated while skipping through yards.  Nothing linear, nothing timed, no desired outcome.  Just pure pleasure.

There is no shortage of opportunity to be productive, and the world will rain accolades on your achievements.  But don’t forget to move your body in all directions for no reason other than bliss.  Drive the curvy road to work, flip a cart-wheel while taking the dogs out, & skip the online trolling to play euchre with your kids.  Embrace Play.

For when we fast forward 10 years, we’ll remember those goofy moments.

And of course, go forth and live your purpose.  Take risks, try big, work hard.  Pursue productivity, results, achievements.  Step into discomfort, fail, and try again.  But don’t forget to invite play into your life, because without fun, joy, and sparkles, what is the point of achievement?



4 Responses to “Pure Pleasure”

  1. Lori Smith Says:

    Yes, more play please! And laughter, too! Beautifully written, Laura.

  2. AnnD Johnson Says:

    Hi, Laura! Coming across your stories always inspire me! They make me smile and that feeling of joy stays in my heart; I am absorbed into the message you weave; I feel renewed and grateful that I have access to your giving spirit thru your written words. Tho we don’t know each other well, you have always taken time for me and shown me grace & kindness. I am a better person for witnessing your joy. They say we may not remember the words a person says to us but we do remember how they made us feel; and I am thankful that our paths have crossed. ~NAMASTE~

  3. Beth Says:

    Love this my sweet friend. Well written words to take to heart! Would love to “play” with you sometime soon!!

  4. laurajuarez Says:

    Thank you Ann. That means a lot to me. We all are an inspiration in our unique way. Thank you for sharing yourself with me!

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