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Shed it. April 2, 2017

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it not now

It’s spring!  Spring is the season of new beginnings, and it is a fabulous time to take inventory of our lives.  A quick way to
assess your life is to make a list of each major “bucket” of your life; relationships, commitments, your job, spiritual life, wellness, values, civic obligations, etc.

Then, for each and every, ask yourself one simple question:  “Is this in alignment with what I’m up to in the world and who I want to be?”  If the answer is YES!  Outstanding!  If the answer is no, ask the follow up question:  “If I commit to only those time investments that light me up, do I need to scrap this or tweak?”  Scrap it?  Do it today without apology.  Tweak it?  Write down exactly what that means, tell someone, and then commit to transformation!

I believe it is that simple.  We can’t create more of what we want without shedding what no longer serves.  Period.

And while simple, it isn’t easy.  And still….  You are worth it.  Your life is worth it.  And the world deserves an unfiltered, inspired, aligned YOU.

My dad turned 75 in March.  He told me this was the first birthday he has ever had when he realized that life is truly short, and we must demand of ourselves to live it fully.


Be awesome!

Choose well,



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