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In a split second February 1, 2017

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I attended a memorial today for a beautiful spirit who left this planet at age 49.  His three children, wife, siblings, in-laws, and father stood grieving as people flooded in to support and love.  There was a young man who sat in the pew throughout; the son of this family’s dear friend who had also passed away several years ago.  Both of cancer.  Both after long and sometimes grueling battles in which their physical form slowly shut down.

And here’s what I know through observation.  I know strength comes in all shapes & expressions.  I know that grief shies from the spotlight while gently turning it over to hope which emerges even in the darkest hour.  I know that people genuinely want to be of service to those hurting; that prayers matter; that baggage of who wronged who from years ago melts in the heat of life altering tragedy.

I know that we are blessed to have this moment and while we may not be mindful of it, the next.  I know that our challenges can knock us off our feet or remind us of who we are at our core – divine spirits wrapped in bones and muscles and skin.  I know that blessings deserve to be counted every day, and that this practice is our greatest therapy.

I know that this lifetime is temporary, and it deserves our best shot.  That we deserve to live our fullest expression of God’s intention for us, and that we are capable of thriving with grace in circumstances more trying than we believed possible.  I know that we are rooted in beauty and powerful beyond measure.  I know we can trust God’s hand, and while we may not understand, we can rest softly in the truth of Spirit.