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Time to walk naked January 24, 2017

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Read in inquiry. Don’t argue, agree, stomp, fight, shrink. Just consider and move from there.

I read this a couple days after someone told me they thought I was “one of those women who is more of a man.” This comment doesn’t offend me as through all of us courses masculine and feminine energy but did spark curiosity… what does that even mean? So I asked.

The response? My ambition, direct communication style, and my courage seemed atypical for a female. This individual meant it as a compliment, and I realized we send these “messages” to women and our daughters all the time.

Who I am in my spirit – who you are regardless of skin color, gender, love interest – is incomprehensibly bigger than the body that transports you, the origin of your birth, and the circumstance of your upbringing.

You are Beyond words.

People are always going to stereotype – it is our human brain trying to organize and make sense. And we get to decide if we’re wearing those labels or if we look bemusedly at their constriction, the itchiness of their fabric, the ill-fitting hemlines. Everyday, I do the work to shine bright and leave those ridiculous labels lying on the ground as I stride off with enthusiasm about what I’m up to.

And some days, that process goes well, and sometimes I realize I’m wearing that itchy garment around. And it’s all good and its all part of my life’s work.

If I could dictate anything; however, it would be that we take active, big, every day action to counterbalance societal messaging our children receive.



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