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What I know for sure… Maybe December 13, 2016

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What I know with certainty is that I can know nothing with certainty.  That, regardless of my planning and dreaming, I cannot predict or control what this day will bring or who will enter my life.  I cannot govern with omnipotence over the outcomes of my relationships, my health, or my work.

I can influence, vision, plan, engage, develop, implement, design, construct, write, talk, initiate, and pursue.  And I cannot control.

We humans work hard to control – situations and others – needing desperately to know with certainty.  And when we have those moments of realizing that we cannot control, we worry, anguish, or try harder to control.

So can we just get over it and apply our persistence and drive elsewhere?  Can we get excited about the mystery?  Can we embrace the opportunities that appear to be three steps from the path we thought we were on?  Can we sit with gentleness in the challenges; leaning on our breath and our trust in divinity?

If you know me, you know I am not making a case for passive living.  I am not encouraging anyone to let the meandering river take you at whatever speed to whatever destination.  I am making a case for the middle path.

This is the sweet spot between creative living and goal based striving; between receiving with curiosity & giving with tenacity.  In my own experience, I have found that this sweet spot isn’t as foreign as we may initially believe.  That, in fact, our spirit recognizes it because, in our soul, we understand our lives are both a purposeful journey (effort) and a beautiful piece of art that blossoms organically and intuitively (ease).  Our spirit embraces challenge because growth is the pearl within.  Our spirit craves freedom & expression grounded in stability & strength.  Our spirit wants to receive with grace inthe gifts given to us along the way of our life.  Breathe.  Be present.  Notice.  Embrace.  And then get busy.


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