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What does it mean? November 9, 2016

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The word yoga originates from the sanskrit term YUJ; meaning to yoke or unite.  Thus, our practice of yoga is a conscious act of union.  It is the union of our individual self with the collective community, union of our heart with our mind, our body with our spirit, and our worldly experience with our divine path.

If you’ve been married, you know just how tricky this concept of union is when put into action.  Embracing the concept, talking about it, and even teaching our children about it is not enough.    Union requires action and is most important when “life” isn’t as we perceive it should be.

To truly live our yoga, we must capture every opportunity to speak peace, live love, spread joy, embrace divergent opinions, and lead positive change.  To use our voice compassionately and with empathy, and to stay open to the possibility of a better way.

If we believe in this idea of union, we believe we’re called to close facebook and twitter and set an example through human interaction & our moment by moment choices.  We believe we’re called to be a light for that better way; using our unique gifts to create positive momentum, to inspire, and to demonstrate that we can create change AND harmony simultaneously.

We can, through our choices, prove that change doesn’t have to be seeded with anger and laced with win / lose negotiations.  We can, through our choices, prove that love and light prevail over separation and superiority.  We can, through our choices, accept the present moment as it is and still be enthusiastic about what we are able to nurture into existence.  We can, through our choices, practice gratitude versus negative spin.

We can, if we choose.