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Peace Theft July 1, 2016

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Tonight, I took a yoga class with a teacher new to me. I was so excited to be there after a long morning hike that left every muscle in my legs aching.  The class starts, and I am instantly clenching my jaw because the instructor has an unusual (and if I might for just a moment indulge my judgy brain – incredibly annoying) verbal delivery. Her teaching interrupts the flow versus supports it; invites distraction versus alignment. It’s minute 3, and I want to leave. There are 72 more minutes.

And then it occurs to me. No one can steal your peace unless you let them. No one can take you out of alignment unless you grant the permission. WIth mindfulness, we can sit contently at our center; drenched in harmony & connected to our hearts – regardless of what is happening around us.

Or, we can allow the world external to us to turn our nervous system into a pinball machine – blinking, zany lights, soul-jarring noises, unpredictable and jerky movements.

And it’s just a choice. That’s it. It’s a choice to stay in the drivers seat of our experience; bringing our intention to life or a choice to turn over our power to someone or something else.

So, with several deep breaths and a moment of deep gratitude for Emily, Laura, and Linzi and their heart-felt teaching, I dropped into myself by dropping the story. For the rest of the class, I followed her technical guidance. I did the poses called, but I led my own journey inward. I hardly noticed anything other than the rhythm of my breath & the opening of my body.

Every moment, an opportunity to choose well.