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Ready for what? May 23, 2016

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It’s Monday morning, and are you ready?  If your response is “ready for what?” then I think we can assume no.  Success is a blend of vision clarity & connection, workplan mastery, and execution brilliance.  All 3 are vitally important.

Know that person who you just keep thinking; “They have so much potential!  Such brilliant ideas!”  Yep.  All vision no follow-through.

How about that person who is always so busy but feels like they can’t get ahead?  Lots of execution; weak visioning & work planning.

How about your co-worker who has that colored GANTT chart but struggles to reprioritize as new opportunities or better ways emerge?  Enviable workplan mastery, yes?  Willingness to see the forest beyond the trees?  Nope.

I use the word “willingness” with intention because all 3 can be learned & hard coded into a self-led planning rhythm that drives your actions.

I’ll use myself as an example.  I have a naturally innovative mind; always creating new ideas & seeing possibilities.  Vision is a strength.  I am also fabulous at massive action.  I am the stereotypical workhorse.  But that essential “link” between the two?  Oh Boy.  The process of creating a game plan to bring vision to outcome?  I’d rather watch paint dry. (Not really, but you get my point).  Know Thyself.

I know that, without workplan mastery, I will never reach my potential.  Nor will any project I touch.  Nor will my impact in the world.  And this is unacceptable to me.  So, I have forced myself to learn through study & copying the systems of people who LOVE to work plan.  I SCHEDULE my work planning time by setting up appointments with myself to complete the work.  I use project management software – even for non-work projects.  On any given project, if I discover I’m dragging my feet to develop the workplan, I use public accountability to incent myself.

So it’s Monday morning…  Are you working a plan that supports your vision of success?  If not, what can you shift starting today to create the results light you up?

Vision – Workplan – Get it done.  


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