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The Secret Door February 24, 2016

Did you know that within you exists more wisdom than you could ever imagine?  That you have all tools you need to live a life about which you are both proud and excited; one of meaningful impact where you embody your core values in each moment, connect deeply with the present, and experience true, enduring peace.  All the while living in our nutty, hectic world in the midst of people and situations that continuously beg you to take the bait of stress, worry, and negativity?  All the while achieving goals, completing lists, and generally holding down the fort?

The gap between where you are and the possibility of that reality may seem vast, but I want you to consider the gap as your own personal quest.  This is the most important work we do in our lives:  moving towards truth & stepping into our most enlightened, peaceful, happy, fulfilled state.

You argue:  How selfish!  The work I do on “ME” cannot possibly be the most important.  I have children to raise, a spouse to love, a community to save, a job to do!  And yet, consider:  If you are stressed out, wadded up, worried, and exhausted; just how effective are you with the people you love the most and the work to which you are dedicated?  Put on your oxygen mask.

So, let’s get back to the secret door.  Through this door, you can access the wisdom for wholehearted living that exists in you.  You were not put on this planet without the tools to thrive.  You just have to learn how to find them and live them.

Begin to turn the knob and enter through the door; thus beginning a whole new quest in your life.  Don’t expect it to be easy or fast!  This is gradual, cumulative work for most of us; not a bolt of lightening.  (If it was that – we’d all take the hit once and live happily ever after).  This is work that starts with a decision.  This is work that demands you learn to tame your wild mind and step into your intuitive wisdom.  This is the work that recreates itself each day with new challenges and new opportunities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take this quest!  The quality of your life depends on it!


Finish The Pose February 13, 2016

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Consider the situation in your life that makes your face scrunch up and your angst rise.  At work, it might be a certain teammate.  At home, the juggling act of dinner, packing lunches, and laundry all at once.  On your yoga mat, it might be that one pose that gets under your skin.

Can we agree that in these moments, we are far from our best?   And if we aspire towards less stress and more joy, how can we create a better way?  I call this a choice to LIVE BIG!  Living big isn’t about scaling Mount Everest; it is about what we do moment by moment in an ordinary day.

I suppose we can always simply choose to avoid challenging moments.  Or we can war our way through them; grimacing and throwing mental darts.  But these options do not sound like a choice to LIVE BIG.

So what does LIVE BIG mean?  To me it means eyeing those face-scrunching, angst-rising, skin-crawling situations through a new lense; seeing them as an opportunity to shift your state of being.  In that moment, choose to slow down, breathe, and see possibility – for a better way and for personal growth.  To lighten, smile, and accept.

If you pay attention to your thoughts, I am willing to bet you will find the story you tell yourself is far worse than the facts surrounding it.  What does that mean?  It means our minds are creating an alternative world and we are allowing ourselves to get stuck in its story.  All the while the real world with real facts is ambling along waiting for us to get it together and rejoin the party.

Getting through something is not enough – we must embrace grace, possibility, and growth.  We must balance our aspiration with acceptance of where we are today.  We must break the habitual thought cycles to create space for a new perspective.  In yoga, we call this “finishing the pose.” It is the art of learning to calm ourselves and tap into our highest self in the midst of the storm.  It is a choice to create more joy; a choice to shrug off resistance; a choice to LIVE BIG.