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Thanksgiving Is Not A Day; It Is A Way Of Being November 22, 2013

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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to slow down and connect with the blessings of our life.  Not just to know them but to really touch them.  To name them in our head & feel them in our heart.  To breathe them into every nook and cranny of our bodies – for we have much worthy of our thanks.  And yet, gratitude is not an event – it is a state of being.  It is a decision to be in awareness & awe of what is bigger than losing our cell connection, forgetting to complete a work assignment, or struggling to get children to bed.  That BIGGER is love, peace, abundance, connection, and joy.  Every moment presents itself as a choice.  Will I focus on the small “event” of the moment or will I drench myself in what is bigger?  Choosing love over irritation, peace over resistance, abundance over wanting more, and joy over fatigue.

This morning, I had this realization that expressing gratitude for blessings, while important, is  not enough.  For if we prayerfully but passively bow our heads to our blessings but do nothing in the next moment to improve our life and the world around us, we miss the opportunity to give fully of ourselves.

The question that sits at the end of the expression of gratitude is “what’s next?”  Or more specifically – what action do I choose and commit to that gives back in equal portion what I receive from the blessings of my life?  Or better yet, what action gives back to the people I love, to my community, and to the world as a whole in greater quantity than what I have received?  Not just 50/50, but giving even more than what I have received?

Imagine the result of your day with that question guiding your decisions on how you spend your time, what you choose to say, and where you choose to be?

Happy Thanksgiving!  Let Thursday be an EVENT of relaxing with family & friends, taking a walk in the middle of the day, or sprinkling your day with unexpected acts of kindness.  But let Thanksgiving in its truest form, the giving of thanks, be a way of being each and every day in which GIVING means not simply to express but to truly be of service.


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