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Enough Is Enough September 30, 2011

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Did anybody else just have a childhood flashback of your mom saying “enough is enough” after you failed to heed her “gentle” guidance for the 4th time? 

We all have habits that are so deeply grooved that even though we know they have surpassed their welcome, we repeat.  And then we repeat again.  All the while we know it’s hurting us, our lives, our careers, and the companies we work for.  It’s time to say to ourselves:  Enough Is Enough.

Think you don’t have any?  Here’s a short list of examples I see leaders exhibit with obsessive clinging. 

1)      Failing to make the time to prioritize your day so your actions actually bear the fruit of DESIRED RESULTS & PROGRESS.

2)      Checking emails every 5 minutes as if you are an on-call ER doc.

3)      Getting so caught up in the daily fires that we forget to develop our people.

4)      “Skipping” our own professional development opportunities like training.

5)      Reacting and allowing stress to poison our day.

6)      Ignoring signs of poor processes, client distress, or building chaos.

7)      Blinding following leaders and being the perfect “Yes Man.”

8)      Making excuses & justifying versus uncovering, auditing, and improving. 

9)      Going weeks on end without looking at your strategic plan, vision, and goals.

10)   Entering conversations and meetings without an intention and desired outcome. 

I could go on but 10 seems like a good place to stop. 

No one could make an argument that these behaviors have a positive upside.  And yet, most of us repeatedly fall into these habits from time to time and have one or two that grip us so deeply that they show up daily. 

All of us know that in order to be our most amazing self and to accomplish our big, wild dreams, we must say goodbye to the habits that undermine our performance and relationships. 

Most of us have been “trying” to kick one or more of these habits without success for a long time.  But the reality is, until the pain becomes greater than the status quo – which typically means we got fired, demoted, or screwed up big time – or until we make a conscious decision that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and proactively transform our habits… we will never shed the old skin. 

Choosing the right path – the self-aware, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, “I’m 100% committed to being AWESOME”path is much easier than getting forced into it because the pain became too great.  And the choice is in front of each of us right now.  We all know the negative habits we cling to, and we all know that replacing them with something more powerful is 1) totally available to us, and 2) takes awareness, practice, and effort. 

What will you choose?


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