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Why Does Happiness Matter? July 25, 2011

Aristotle boldly claimed that that all human action is aimed at achieving happiness.  That happiness is a universal desire.  It doesn’t matter who you are or from where you hail; living a life full of happiness drives all of us.  Every decision and action is either a step towards or away from happiness.  In fact, happiness is the ultimate barometer of a life well lived.

I’m not talking about happiness as an emotional state of giddiness or exuberance.   I’m talking about the happiness of a content heart, a sense of peace and joy, a belief in something bigger of which we are a part, and a desire to live a virtuous, meaningful life.  Are pure joy & enthusiasm part of the equation?  Sure. But they are feelings we flow in and out of- not a state of being.  The difference?  We can sustain a state of being deep within regardless of our external circumstances by making a conscious choice to do so, and then filling our lives with the thoughts, actions, and habits that support that choice.

Here is an awesome parable from www.simpletruths.com about our ability to draw more happiness into our lives through an intentional choice to do so.

“The Road To Happiness”

A native American elder walks slowly down the path. The leaves of the trees and the soft breeze protect him from the heat of the noonday sun. In his worn, calloused hand is the small, soft hand of his young grandson. The two walk in silence.  After a time the grandfather interrupts the silence. “Grandson,” he begins, “there are two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is angry, vengeful, jealous and violent. The other wolf is peaceful, loving, compassionate and joyful.”

The boy looks up at his grandfather and asks, “Which wolf will win the battle of your heart?”

The wise elder replies, “The one I feed.”


3 Responses to “Why Does Happiness Matter?”

  1. Lucy Says:


  2. Jeff Levy Says:

    Laura – great message. Business leaders need to harness the power of happiness as a business tool as it is scientifically proven that happy people think faster, more broadly, more accurately, more creatively and with greater commitment than those in a neutral state, let along those people who may be felling stressed or unhappy. Doctors make faster and more accurate diagnoses, students do better on tests, and business people make better decisions.

  3. Laura,
    This is one of my all time favorites. . .used it years ago when I spoke at the Awakening. Thanks for reminding me and everyone else of it! It is such a great one, huh? Sending love and continued inspiration.

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