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Challenge Or Opportunity? Real Or Imagined? July 15, 2011

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In the midst of our modern world “strifes and struggles,” like juggling chaotic schedules,  too much work and too little time, losing a job, relocating, & intimate relationships made lukewarm by the sheer volume of “tasks” the family faces, it’s easy to lose perspective.  These struggles, while real, are experiences in our lives that shape us and create the perfect chance for growth.  The perfect time to take stock and align our lives with our dreams.  They are, while difficult, opportunities.

And they are opportunities many people around the world will never have the luxury of experiencing.  Globally, there are people fighting every day for their survival, freedom, safety, and a better life for their children.  They will never know the “challenge” of job searching after their company has downsized or having to choose between two activities scheduled at the same time. 

Below is an article about real women and children that left me counting my blessings & asking myself what I can do TODAY to make a positive impact.   Enjoy!

 “You have time for anything you are committed to.”



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