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Awake, Aligned, and Grounded In Truth

Your Wild Safari June 28, 2011

“Seize the bull by the horns, grasp it tenaciously, never let it go.  Time has a habit of trampling over us, so softly we don’t notice but so powerfully, we  become crushed over the course of weeks & years.”  www.zenhabits.net

What do you tell yourself that holds you back?  What do you buy into that keeps your dreams at a distance?  The moment we accept that WE are the only thing standing between where we are & where we desire to be is the moment we begin to close the gap. 

And yet, for many of us, months fly off the calendar & years pass quietly but quickly with little or no progress.  We feed ourselves excuses that justify about why we aren’t living in alignment with our dreams…  not enough time, not enough money, too irresponsible, etc.  And with these explanations, we lull ourselves into a well-paved path of mediocrity & predictability.  And let’s face it, boredom. 

And yet, we all have the opportunity in the form of a single lifetime to make an impact that not one other person on the planet can make.  Zilch.  Just you.  And if it’s just you, there is no comfortably paved, illuminated path already in existence to follow as no one has walked before you. 

There are amazing examples of people who chose to live big and fulfill their dreams with passion but they paved their own path.  And if you follow theirs, you will spend a lifetime in pursuit of someone their dream.  Learn from them, but don’t forget the most important lesson they can teach:  Follow Your Own Path W/ Courage, a Sense Of Adventure, & A Willingness to Take Risks.

The Swahili word for “journey” is SAFARI.  People always talk about how life is a journey but I’d rather think about it as a safari.  We can choose to make our life an adventurous, out loud, wild ride. 

A journey is like a peaceful trip down a placid river on a guided boat.  It allows for dozing, waking and passively drinking in the scenery, having a nice picnic lunch, & then dozing again.  A safari calls us to ride the wild elephant with a bayonet in hand wacking at tree limbs to blaze a new path.  It does not allow for dozing & waking 10 years later wondering what in the heck happened.  It demands our total engagement, presence, heart, soul, & mind. 

Don’t get me wrong… an occassional afternoon rafting trip meandering down a rapid-less river is a lovely reprieve & beautiful way to recharge.  However, to then return to our wild & purposeful safari that we are leading with passion & anticipation is a life well lived. 

“Tell me, what is you plan to do with your one wild & precious life?”  Mary Oliver


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