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Courage June 6, 2011

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Does anyone else suspect we are experiencing a courage drought in our society?  Maybe it’s because we don’t truly fight for our survival every day – hunting for food, protecting our children from the wildness of nature, and making decisions that are literally do or die on a daily basis. 

There is an element of animalism and instinct that has been lost behind the computer screen in swivel chairs & air conditioned offices with breezeways to air conditioned cars.  To provide for our family & community, no one rides a horse and clears the path using a machete.  Our “adrenaline” surge comes from fear of failure – not fear of being eaten alive by a tiger.  We “flee” sticky conversations versus wild animals.  We “fight” for more recognition & greater salaries to feed the insatiable appetite of external validation & approval.

Courage; however, is within all of us.  Perhaps we’ve lost our instincts, but it’s still there.  And as our world gets crazier – and the comforts of modern living begin to create poverty of the spirit versus abundance of opportunity – courage becomes a mandate.  Without it, we are buried in the pack hoping not to get trampled. 

With it, we break out, through, and up.  We storm into the town center on our metaphorical horse committed to living out loud in a way that makes our world a better place.  Starting today with action.  Not just a pipe dream desire to bring positive change at some point in our lives – when we have time, more money, or when the red tape lessens.  Now.  NO or “someday” is not an option.

Highly successful people who change the world have serious courage.  They are so in their zone, they don’t care what anyone thinks.  They plow forward in the face of resistance and barriers.  They are certain about who they are, how they want to live, and what they intend to do.  Most highly successful people I know keep it very simple.  They don’t see circles – they see direct lines.  Their goals, values, and plans don’t shift based on external circumstances or other’s opinions.  They are steadfast in their direction. 

Change takes courage.  Awesome results take courage.  Being “good” or average is highly overrated.  I love Jim Collins’ quote, “Good Is the Enemy of Great.”  Talent means little without dicipline, passion, willingness, and courage.  What would be different in your life if you acted with the raw courage that lives within you?



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