Lead Your Life

Awake, Aligned, and Grounded In Truth

Chillax June 3, 2011

I am a big fan of massive action, big energy, & forward propulsion.  However, there is a time for energy conservation.  There are some natural ways we restore energy – sleep being the most obvious.  However, sleep cannot on its own entirely replenish our energy.  And really, who’s truly getting a good night sleep anyways?  Meditation is an amazing way to replenish, but again, how often are we building this reprieve into our day?  Exercise, laughing jags, music, dancing, …  All great ways to replenish energy, and particularly effective at getting an immediate state change. 

But sometimes, we’re called to adopt another replenishment tool.  Stillness.  I know – it’s not as sexy or even socially acceptable, but in stillness, we both conserve & restore.  Stillness doesn’t mean idle sitting.  It doesn’t have to mean purposeful sitting.  It can be a slow walk in nature, an hour of no speaking, gardening, a long bath, or a good book.  The key is that in each of these activities, silence, slowness, and awareness are present.

Stillness is particularly valuable if you are approaching a BIG EVENT where being ON is the name of the game.  A sales pro’s big presentation, a doctor’s complex surgery, the first day of a new job, our wedding day, a leader’s close of a landmark business deal … any of our once in a lifetime opportunities.  These moments require our focus, awareness, and our total engagement.  They demand that we are at our peak.  They are the game-changing moments of our life. 

As we stand at the beginning of each of these moments – looking at it from a creator’s vantage point – we have tremendous power.  The “fresher” we are, the more robust our energy, the more powerful we feel; the better we will perform.  It is that simple. 

And thus, as we race through our lives, watching carefully for these approaching moments allows us to prepare fully.  To not only plan the mechanics of the moment but to prepare ourselves to be amazing.  Our energy – and the depth of our reserves – is foundational to our preparation.  It is everything.  Our state matters, and if we rush into these moments out of breath, with the energy needle pointing to 1/2 tank, we will get through it but will not optimize it.  We will, with grit and determination, get it done but we will not, with grace & joy, experience it in our “zone.” 

And so, develop the habit of observing your life and anticipating the big moments – the moments you have the opportunity to make quantum shifts.  And prepare for them…  Do your homework, dot the i’s, cross the t’s, but also prepare your energy.  Allow yourself to replenish & conserve through stillness leading up to event’s beginning, and you will be amazed at the power you have harnessed, and the endurance, vibrancy, engagement, and wisdom you will have available to you.


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