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The Dreaded Slump May 31, 2011

The Dreaded Slump…  Agghhh.  And yet, we all fall prey to this momentum killer.  We’re cruising along, and bam, we wake up one day realizing our energy has tanked & our motivation is awakened only by sticks vs. sheer desire for awesome results.  Fear versus desire.  Responsibility (I have to) versus appetite (I want this so bad I can taste it).  It happens to the elite, to the amazing, to the average, to the weak…  The slump does not discriminate. 

Often, I see people hit their slump and fail to realize it.  So, they blame outside conditions & people for their “state,” all the while cycling in their own toxic, stale energy like a hamster on a wheel.  And every inch feels like a mile. 

The key is awareness.  No one is going to end your slump except for you.  And in order to do this, you have to know you are in a slump.  Pretty basic, and yet, I’ve seen talented, achievement focused people stall out for 3 changes of seasons.  Literally performing with one oar in the water and wondering why everything feels like resistance and they’re circling instead of progressing. 

We all have indicators of our slump.  Mine are different than yours, but all of us can learn to recognize our own MO and catch it early.  We blast out of the slump by changing our psychology & changing the way we work.  When the dreaded slump hits, I suggest taking a full day and redesigning your work from scratch.  What are the most impactful, meaningful projects for you to dive into?  What could your  most significant contribution be in the next 60 days?  What do you want to learn?  Master?  What inspires you, jazzes you up, and how can you integrate that into your day?  Poetic License to go crazy & come up with something that makes you yell “eureka” when you read it. 

Then – implement.  Build a more energizing path that stimulates your growth & inspires you to your peak.  Because a slump isn’t a moment of stand-still.  It’s either a wake-up call for progress or it’s regression.  Grow Or Die. 

Feel free to share your wisdom on how to kick the dreaded slump to the curb in the comments!



One Response to “The Dreaded Slump”

  1. Best combination of words EVER: “all the while cycling in their own toxic, stale energy like a hamster on a wheel”.

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