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What Are Your Non-Negotiables? May 26, 2011

“Whatever is at the center of our life will be the source of our security, guidance, wisdom, and power .”  Stephen Covey

We live our lives based on our values, and thus, it is leaving them undefined is a sleepy way of living.  Whether or not we have taken the time to articulate them, we intuitively know if we are in or out of alignment.  Living our lives in a way that deeply respects our values impacts every aspect of our life – our family, friends, civic life, and professional life.  Consider for a moment the stress that results when someone’s personal values are incongruent with their employer’s values.  Regardless of how effective that person is, they will always feel ill at ease with that incongruence.  Ill at ease = discontent & stressed.  The bigger the gap, the higher the cost.

Our values drive us – they make us tick. Our core values resonate deep in our DNA, and should be treated as non-negotiables in our life.  They are worthy of fierce protection.   True values come from a place of authenticity & spirit; not from a place of fear. They are about what we embrace & honor; not what we desire to avoid.

Fear based drivers do exist but they aren’t our values.  Our values are the foundation of who we are & what we want to foster in the world.  

Can our values change through our life?  I believe they can.  Just as we evolve, our values richen, deepen, & shift to support our growth.  Thus, the exercise of examining and articulating your values is worth repeating over time.  There are no right & wrong values & no stock values that are supreme over others. Your values are part of your fabric, and they give you uniqueness.   And when honored, they create a trueness, self-confidence, & peace irrespective of events around you.


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