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What’s The View From Your Personal Everest? May 25, 2011

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The gap between where you are and where you dream of being may seem daunting, but remember, the gap is nothing more than your potential.  It is the distance between today and what you are destined to achieve, and closing the gap is 100% within your power if you are willing to invest the energy & discipline into redefining how you work, think, play, and act. 

People who achieve breakthrough results know a secret and they live it with total obsession.  They know they are the product of their thinking, beliefs, and energy.  They know great results don’t just happen but are seeded by revolutionary thoughts.  And, the “work” that leads to an outstanding life requires more than just doing the right things.  It requires unleashing our potential by removing limiting beliefs and thoughts, creating a killer plan, and showing up ready to play. 

Your Everest Is Within Your Reach The Moment You Decide To Embrace It.  You owe it to yourself to go after it with complete passion and fearlessness. Temporary shifts can happen in a snap.  Quantum shifts; however, require higher stakes, deeper work, more profound change. 

THe ELITE don’t wait for the right time or the right opportunity.  They create it.  They take action NOW.  They seize the moment and engage others to help them see beyond their own paradigm and hold them accountable.


One Response to “What’s The View From Your Personal Everest?”

  1. jennifer winzeler Says:

    Here here! Carpe Diem dear friend. Tutto Possibile.

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