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Death by email. May 23, 2011

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Newsflash:  Email is not a replacement for verbal conversation.  More and more, people are using email like OZ behind the wall.  So, here are a few hints on when to shut down the computer and select a better way to share:

1) There have been 3 emails sent between you& recipient just trying to clarify the topic.

2) Your message will require more than 2 paragraphs. 

3) Your message will contain more than 3 or more points you need someone to follow up on. (3 might be pushing it).

4) You are about to ask someone to help solve an important problem in which you need their full attention & mental engagement.  (WHen’s the last time you thoughtfully answered emails versus just whipping through them?)

5) Your message has the potential to upset, ruffle, or distress someone.

Email is awesome.  But it is just a tool.  Like all tools, it doesn’ t fit all jobs.  And it isn’t the only tool.  Phone, face-to-face, skype, text, video conferencing, webinars, photos, letters (on real paper), & meetings, and others are all viable & have their best use.  Stay conscious about how you communicate.  Remember, the objective isn’t simply to serve it out there; it’s to engage someone in the message and in a relationship with you.


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