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Possibility – Do you Dwell In Yours? May 18, 2011

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Emily Dickenson said, “Dwell in Possibility.”  Just reading it creates expansion & oxygen.  Space for birth, growth, & newness.  The word possibility is powerful.  Within it, lives hope, courage, action, change, intention, mystery, excitement, creation, and dreaming. 

Each of us are, at our core, a possibility.  In other words, our souls are pure possibility by design.  We are called to bring something unique to the world.  And this unique offering is something that only we can bring because we are our very own blueprint.  No two the same.  Different by design. 

And yet, we have a choice each day to live life in alignment or out of alignment with our possibility.  It is as simple as that, and there isn’t a single external condition that makes it more complex.  That is simply how we choose to think about it.  In fact, external conditions become the great excuse as to why we are out of alignment & living smaller than our true possibility.  They are justifications & rationalizations that allow us to gently sleep through life.  

We have the opportunity to drench every moment – starting with this exact moment – in the possibility of ourselves, which is the  cornerstone of the possibility of our life.  They are one  in the   same.  Our gifts are only valuable to the  extent that we  share them.   

It isn’t necessarily about the grandeur of our achievements in this life as it is about the impact we made.  Did we make a difference or did we simply collect accolades & “stuff?”   

Throughout our lives, we often find ourselves at a cross-road; bumping against blocks we create & self impose. In the short-term, these blocks are fantastic motivators of change because they involve discomfort.  But over time, we grow numb to them & they literally extinguish possibility.  They create impossibility, & we unwittingly opt out of greatness.  Not making a decision is making a decision.  We make a choice every moment:  opting INTO something and OUT of something else.   Vow to choose possibility.


One Response to “Possibility – Do you Dwell In Yours?”

  1. Very interesting. I was thinking of Emily D earlier this morning and how she produced fabulous creations regarding the outside world while remaining for the most part reclusive. She is a lovely example of aligning with who you are and a subsequent outstanding outcome. And I would venture a guess that she was able to contribute in the manner she did because she did not beat herself up, like many of us do, for not fitting in to a mold.

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