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Are you having your highest impact? May 12, 2011

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Everyone & every company has a plan.  A dream state.  A vision that is big, hairy, and audacious.  (Thank you Jim Collins, Good To Great)

So gut check…  What percentage of your big dreams, your breakthrough plans, and your hit it out of the park goals do you achieve?  For simplicity sake, just evaluate the last 5 years of your life.  The majority of people I talk to know there is something greater, bigger, more that they can contribute but they haven’t figured out how to make it a reality.

Even high performers who pump out results daily struggle with the big action -the action that brings quantum improvement, changes the game, & literally catapults you, your team, and your organization to a new reality.  It is only through intention, planning, and action that we make our “dream state” a reality. 

Daily, I watch leaders spend their precious time & energy fighting fires, plowing through to-do lists, attending meetings, & delivering to goal based on the requirements of the job today.  Basically – doing an amazing job delivering excellence based on today’s definition of excellence. 

But it isn’t today’s definition of excellence that creates breakthrough performance.  It isn’t today’s paradigm that delights clients next year, creates uber-loyalty, and distances you from the pack.   In fact, you can be incredible at addressing today’s requirements and still wake up to realize you’ve been outpaced, outsmarted, & outdated. 

Driving excellence on “today’s work” is mandatory but it’s a prerequisite.  It is a survival technique.  It is the intro class – the one you  have to take before you get to the juicy upper level classes where it all really happens.  Today’s def of excellence requires discipline, measurements, leadership, & speed.  However, it is just part of a leader’s role. 

Great leaders carve out time to focus on “where the puck is going. “(Wayne Gretsky).  They schedule this time & protect it fiercely.  They share the vision so people see the direction and understand how to move from here to there.   They dream, vision, brainstorm, study others who have traveled the path, network, & study some more. 

And they don’t fit this into an already triple booked schedule – they commit it to their calendar as a mandatory meeting with self.  They tell their supervisor or peer what they are doing so they are accountable.  Simply, they do whatever is necessary to make it happen.

How you spend your time is your choice.  The results you generate – today and for the future – are your choice.  Choose well!


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