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This Moment: Choose Well May 7, 2011

Yesterday, I attended an all day leadercast sponsored by Chickfil-A.  (http://www.chick-fil-aleadercast.com/) There were amazing speakers – John Maxwell, Seth Goden, Erin Gruwell, Dave Ramsey & more, & it was watched by 85,000 people across the country.  The theme:  Change. 

Not just any change but positive change.  Change that comes from awareness that the world is evolving & technology has exponentially increased a single person’s opportunity to make a big impact.  Change that comes from an intolerance of status quo because it’s never been more apparent that the “old way” isn’t working.  (corporate America, government, the environment, the rapidly increasing level of stress & decreasing level of wellness Americans experience on a whole). 

As I listened to the speakers, I kept mulling the question:  What cause do I feel passionate about that I have taken no action?  What ideas have I been slugging around for more than a year but not unpacked? 

As someone who thrives on goals & lives for action, these questions required some soul searching. Because the reality is; sometimes we are so busy living the life we’ve created up until this moment that we fail to ensure we are creating the life we want to live from this moment forward. 

So here’s the rub & the diamond.  The only chance we have to direct our lives is this exact moment we’re in:  NOW.  Within our control is this exact second.  This minute.  This day.  It’s worth exploring if your actions on this day support where you’ve been – and thus create more of it – or where you desire to go.  For some, the difference between the two is small.  Others; large.  But if you’re hungry for growth & desire to live to your full potential, there is always a difference.

Small Print For Overachivers:  if you believe you have super hero powers & can thus do it all…    adopting the tactic of driving hugely successful results in both “where you’ve been” and “where you’re going” will ultimately wear you out.  Last time I checked, as much as it ticks me off, “wonder twin power”  is a thing of fables.  If you know this is you – it’s worth investigating what’s motivating you. 


One Response to “This Moment: Choose Well”

  1. Jennifer Winzeler Says:

    Damn that Wonder Twin thing. . .I have so been banking on it. 🙂 “Today is the Main Event”, L. You are so right. So so right. May it be the best Mother’s Day ever for every mother.

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