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What’s Your Plan? April 18, 2011

It’s Monday morning – do you have a high impact plan for your day? How about your week? Have you invested the time, energy, and creative juice into making decisions on the most important actions you will take this week to achieve your big goals?

Have you written down what you intend to do to make a meaningful contribution this week at work, at home, to your wellness? Have you followed that by then reviewing your calendar and ensuring you have scheduled time for the actions and conversations that will result in major movement of the high impact targets?

Look at your plan (or lack thereof) for the week, and project forward to Friday. Have you set yourself up to feel awesome about what you’ve achieved, contributed, & shared? If not, maybe it’s time to start your Monday over by making the decisions needed to ensure you have a powerful, inspiring, impactful week. Otherwise, expect to underperform and make less of a difference than what you have the potential to make.

The process of planning & scheduling your week for success takes a matter of 30 minutes. Max. Besides the fact that your 30 minutes now will save 10 times that in lost productivity throughout the week, it is a small investment in order to create amazing results in your life.


One Response to “What’s Your Plan?”

  1. Lucy Says:

    Awesome post.

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