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Leaking Energy April 8, 2011

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Tony Robbins says that the greatest asset we have is our focus.  Where our focus goes, energy flows.  We can only work on, think about, improve, create, vision in the area where our focus is.  So, our ability to put 100% of our focus on the most important task or opportunity becomes a habit worth developing.  Most of us don’t do this well.  In fact, we brag about our ability to multi-task, switch gears, & juggle priorities.  My own personal experience, being a person with a serious action & speed addiction, is that energy leaks when we function at mach 10 with a hand in multiple projects at once.  When we switch gears rapidly between tasks, we are practicing the habit of scratching surfaces – not creating excellence.  And we’re wearing ourselves out.  Leaking precious energy.  Diluting our attention.  Literally sabotaging our work.  Because without 100% of our focus which involves deep presence and a willingness to spend time thinking, creating, visioning, questioning, rolling problems around in the mind, we are just slamming out the most obvious solution, checking it off the list, and moving to the next task.  All while checking our iPhone, responding to every PING indicating a new message, and engaging with every passerby. 

Our true brilliance – the place from which quantum leaps come, genius work emerges – demands our focus, positive  energy, & a willingness to slow down and engage with the work we are doing.  Do you suppose that those awesome new Nikes you must have because of their trendy design & revolutionary function resulted from someone rifling from task to task and working in a high distraction environment?  Why is your work different?  Aren’t we all here to create something amazing?  To develop world-class mastery?  To have a blast moving to new heights?  When is the last time you felt totally in your zone, producing amazing work that made a huge impact & that you were blow away proud about? 

 It’s worth evaluating where you leak energy.  We all do it.  But it is a choice.


2 Responses to “Leaking Energy”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Laura, thank you for this post. I have been thinking much lately about how it I have my fingers in too many pots at one time and do not do any of the projects justice. Even if I am spending time with my family I am thinking about what to do next. Really engaging in one thing at a time 100% is amazing!

  2. Jennifer Winzeler Says:

    I believe it is all about balance. This eloquent dance (assuming we can do it with ease and grace) that we all do between doing and being. You bring up an excellent point, though. So often we allow all this “surface” level productivity to suffice without truly allowing our excellence to be seen. Focusing, being present to the depth of ones being, means having an enormous amount of faith in the moment. Required, no doubt to not only discover our greatness, but birth it into the world. Focusing becomes and excellent practice. I will let you know when i have it mastered, until then, I see something shiny out of the corner of my eye. ..

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