Lead Your Life

Awake, Aligned, and Grounded In Truth

“As we think and act, so our world becomes.” The Dhammapadda March 7, 2011

What do you count as the non-controllables on your path to success?  The economy? Your shareholders?  Ineffective team members?  Too little time?  Too little money?  A non-controllable is nothing more than a barrier we believe can thwart our success but that we can do little about. 

Every belief we hold about non-controllables are merely our perception of reality.  They stem from the way we choose to think about our situation. 

The majority of us dedicate great mental energy to barriers we believe we cannot control.  In other words, we ruminate on the barriers we think we are powerless to change.  We take a passive, victimized position of assuming they are inevitable and “the way things are.”  Intellectually, we know it’s crazy to focus on limitations we believe we cannot impact.  And yet, it happens all the time.

If we believe these to be insurmountable hurdles outside of our control, they are.  Real or perceived; they will prohibit our success because we have empowered them to derail our success. 

We do have a choice:  a choice to change our thoughts.  What if we believed these conditions and people will not impede our progress?  That, even in their midst, there is a way around, above, under, or through?  That, in fact, they are part of the challenge and thus part of the solution?  Better yet, what if we viewed each of these “non-controllables” as entirely controllable and as opportunities? 

It’s just a shift of thought.  Some view a poor economy as a liability.  Some view it as the greatest time to gain market share.  How do you think about it?  Think of your perceived non-controllables.  How would your actions change if you changed your thoughts about them?  Your resilience?  Your belief of what is possible?  

Can you think of a single great achievement made without bumps, undesirable conditions, or a few naysayers?  It’s how we think about them that determines their  impact.  Thus, they are all controllables, as we choose the energy we invest in them and we own the beliefs that allow them to stop us short or propel us forward. 

Imagine how much more easily success would flow and blossom if we embraced these conditions and used them to create a better result!


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