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What Choice Will You Make At This Exact Moment? September 17, 2010

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It is exceedingly difficult to stop doing what we’ve been doing for a long time – even if we know it is asinine, outdated, or even destructive. This applies to more than the habits of exercise, diet, smoking, attending church, etc. It applies to the simple – the process we use to organize our time – to the complex – the process with which we engage with our spouse.

How often do you find yourself repeating old actions or replaying old thoughts, even though you have clearly and repetitively committed to more effective, promising, life improving actions and thoughts? Sometimes, the “old way” isn’t even harmful but simply isn’t in alignment with the life we want to live, the parent we want to be, the professional we want to be. And, once we have identified that we are out of alignment, there is no plunging our heads back into the sand. We are awake.

From a place of “awakeness,” we have two decisions. The first? Continue old behaviors which will eventually lull us back to sleep or suboptimize our impact on the world. The second? To consciously develop the new habits we desire to create the life we desire to live. Bumps, pain, and inertia are all part of the habit formation process, and as long as we continue to forge forward with the intention of engraining new habits, they can serve to be learning opportunities versus blocks. And, habit by habit, moment by moment, we grow into the person we are capable of being. Choose Well!


One Response to “What Choice Will You Make At This Exact Moment?”

  1. Jeff Levy Says:

    Laura, you are right…everything is a state of mind. Today in business, and elsewhere, too, having the right strategy is only a piece of the solution. Having the right emotional energy is the more important piece. In many cases, leaders need to energize themselves before they can energize others.

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