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Stay in the Moment August 26, 2010

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There’s a great blog from Success Magazine’s Flip Flippen called The Gift of Presence. http://blog.success.com/channels/relationships-channels/flip-flippen-the-gift-of-presence/

NOW – this exact moment – is the only one we truly have. It is also the one that matters when considering the quality with which we are living our life as it is both within our control and reach. Thus, it is our best opportunity to create the results we want in our life.

Observe yourself for a day. How many times do you find yourself multi-tasking, distracted in a meeting, checking email while on a conference call? Through observation of myself and others, I have learned the brain is incapable of performing at a high level, innovatively solving problems, and deeply engaging with others when it’s attention is split. Thus, it stands to reason that results generated when attention is split are less than the best.

This likely isn’t a newsflash to anyone. But then, why do most people struggle to stay present in the moment, giving undivided attention and effort to what or who is at hand? What would occur if we practiced presence for just one week? This very well may be the best “performance enhancing tool” we could try.


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