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“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” (Henry Ford) July 14, 2010

What a great quote, and in other words, you are your thoughts. The thoughts we give energy to become our reality.

This applies not just to positive thoughts and intentions but also negative. So, care must be given to our thoughts. And, just as importantly, research shows that our minds largely think in pictures. Our minds cannot wrap themselves around negative contractions because there is no pictorial representation of the “n’ts” (can’t, won’t, don’t, shouldn’t). So, if we create intentions of what we don’t want, our minds see it as what we want, literally eliminating the negative contraction.

Therefore, if we think, “I don’t want to be sick all the time,” our minds give power to the statement “I want to be sick all of the time.” What’s likely to be happen? We will attract exactly what we don’t want to attract. Changing our thought to, “I want to be healthy, vibrant, and well,” creates the possibility for wellness in our life.

Here’s a great quote from Esther & Jerry Hick’s Money and the Law of Attraction. “Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life. Your money and financial assets; your body’s state of wellness, clarity, flexibility, size, and shape; your work environment, how you are treated, work satisfaction, and rewards—indeed, the very happiness of your life experience in general—is all happening because of the story that you tell. If you will let your dominant intention be to revise and improve the content of the story you tell every day of your life, it is our absolute promise to you that your life will become that ever-improving story.”


One Response to ““Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” (Henry Ford)”

  1. Thoughts become things, what a wonderful premise… and the main purpose behind the blog I write to, “Imagine Into Being.” I believe (and it seems to be the case) that whatever we say and think, happens. So, why not say and think positive things (for the world)? 🙂

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

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