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How Do You Create Success? May 24, 2010

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It is my observation that the difference between someone who is wildly successful and one who is not has little to do with intelligence and capability. While those characteristics are important, an individual’s belief in themselves and their ability to stay fixated on their life’s purpose regardless of external circumstances make a far bigger difference.

Highly successful people know with complete certainty where they are going and believe they will get there. They are committed to learning and growing in the face of mistakes and they take risks with confidence. Highly successful people live their lives in alignment with their values and faith, even in the pursuit of their goals. They understand that the quality of the journey is as important as the destination.

Here’s a fast and easy “assessment” you can give yourself at the end of each day to create a habit of consciously using each day purposefully & positively:

Today I:
I contributed to the development of my team today.
I impacted the company’s performance favorably.
I upgraded someone’s performance today.
I fulfilled myself spiritually at work today.
I gave of myself, my talents, and my time to help others.
I felt alive & purposeful today at work.

Choose Well!


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