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Power Of One Small Step May 20, 2010

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This may sound obvious, but it amazes me how easy it is to talk about change in a way that would seem to indicate complete buy-in, and yet take no action. Inertia is a powerful force.

What can we do as leaders? For ourselves, we can repeatedly review our overarching goal, and commit to taking at least one step every day towards that goal. I recommend to my managers that they write down the action they intend to take on each of their primary goals every morning. This creates SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS.

In other words, practicing the habit of moving the ball every day creates momentum, diminishes fear, and clarifies the target. You don’t have to know HOW to get from A to Z as long as you have defined Z and are willing to start taking the next important step every day towards that means.

Personally, I work with a grid that has 10 boxes. Each box has a header that reflects one of my Top 4 Business Goals, one of my Top 4 IMPACT areas (or key job responsibilities), my family, and my wellness. (10 Total). Every day, I review my vision for my business and myself, and then identify the most important step I want to take for each one of my boxes. I recommend writing this down and carrying it with you during the day.

This process keeps me focused on the most important tasks, puts me in control of my schedule, and ensures I am making SUCCESS CONSCIOUS decisions every day about what I give to my business and my family. How would it feel to you to close your office door feeling like you had done the most important work for your business that day? When you achieve this, don’t’ forget to celebrate! Joy is an important part of our journey.

We have the power to take action towards the life we want to live every day. Be Great!


One Response to “Power Of One Small Step”

  1. JJJDDS Says:

    I enjoy the part of celebrating! I often miss that opportunity.

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