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Rules for Living April 19, 2010

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The rules we choose, consciously or otherwise, to govern our lives determine our reality.  By consciously choosing powerful, positive, and spiritual rules, we create the opportunity for a powerful, positive, and spiritual life.  What are rules for living?  They are the what we believe to be true about ourselves.  They are the thoughts we have in the face of circumstance that determine our response to and engagement with those circumstances. 

By a young age, most of us have unconsciously formed rules based on our experiences, parents, perceptions, & beliefs.  For example, a child who is told repeatedly their family lacks the “math gene,” may have unconsciously developed a rule “I am not good at math.”  Thus, their feelings about and experience with math is impacted.  A different child who is told they are great at math will have a rule opposite of the first child.  What differences do you think will occur in these two children as they learn math?

We can choose our rules at any time, rewriting old patterns and scripts.  We can choose to believe we have the ability to attract abundance, that we are highly competent at our profession, that we are the perfect parent for our own child, giving the perfect guidance to their development.  Or, we can choose to allow the world to define our rules for us, which will inevitably result in living a less joyous, harmonious, and productive life than what we are capable of at our optimum performance. 

Taking time to consciously think of and write down our rules for living, and then to read those aloud so that they become part of our natural thought patterns is worthy investment we make in ourselves.  How we show up in our lives and in the lives of others is a choice.  Choose Well!


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